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Infrastructure and Environment


About Infrastructure and Environment (I&E)

Our department’s focus is to provide the critical national infrastructure and decision making needed to enable islanders, businesses and visitors to live, work and enjoy the island.

We are a key delivery agent in protecting and enhancing Jersey’s natural and built environment, and in protecting the habitats and species which make the Island special.


Our Structure

Our delivery team services are split across four directorates: Operations & Transport, Natural Environment, Regulation and Property. 

The Directorates are served by I&E’s Head Office which provides the critical central corporate support for the department, co-ordinating governance, strategic and business planning, health and safety, business change, departmental organisation and service reviews, records management as well as oversight of the department’s capital programme. Their People and Culture plan has a key focus on wellbeing, engagement, learning and developing and attracting new talent.

Operations & Transport maintain our open spaces, gardens and amenities, manage and maintain the Island’s vehicle and driving standards, municipal and public convenience cleaning, transport, traffic management, road systems and the waste, sewerage and recycling facilities. The provision and maintenance of all public car parking services and the procurement, maintenance, repair and fleet management of all States vehicles and associated road registered plant. 

Sports Operations sit under Operations & Transport, running the Government of Jersey’s sporting  facilities.

Natural Environment provide scientific services and practical advice to support government policy, legislation and enforcement. The team are responsible for informing the public and industry sectors, safeguarding our land and marine environments and or natural and farmed floral and fauna.

Property provide well maintained, safe, legislatively compliant and financially sustainable property which allows the Government of Jersey to meet its obligation to the public.  The Project Management team deliver major capital projects which support the continued provision of high standards of service to the public.

Regulation protect Islanders by delivering socially responsible regulation, preventing unfair commercial practices and providing statutory functions including planning and building, trading standards, licencing, food safety, water quality, plant health and noise, waste and pollution prevention.

Watch the video below to find out more from colleagues about their experiences working in I&E: