We’re a small island offering huge possibilities. As a central government and public service, we make our own policies, raise our own taxes, run our own services and drive our own changes. By encouraging and supporting our people to be flexible and collaborative, we aim to improve life for more than 100,000 people who call Jersey home. It’s varied and valuable work that gives us a genuine sense of pride in what we can achieve together.

We are in the process of migrating all of our roles across the Government of Jersey, Non-ministerial departments and our emergency services to this new careers site. Initially you can search for roles on this site across our People, Policy and Digital departments.

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    Everyday, everywhere, nurses perform inspiring acts of care and compassion that touch countless lives. Jersey stands out as an enviable and attractive location for nursing with our patient-to-nurse ratio of 6 to 1 and immediate access to a world of training and development opportunities.

    Become an Island Nurse in Jersey and experience a unique and rewarding chapter in your nursing career.

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    Extraordinary careers, every day 

    Within the Jersey Public Service, you can be proud of what you can achieve – both for yourself and the people of Jersey. You'll enjoy a broader scope that allows you to express yourself, in a smaller setting that means you see the positive results of your impact every day. You'll have a diversity of opportunities that stretch and challenge you, with all the personal and professional support you need. Most of all, in our open, welcoming environment, your voice matters, enabling you to build a rewarding career.  Find out more