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We’re a service on the move and we are ambitious.

Validated through independent review, the Chief Fire Officer has secured significant support and investment from the Government of Jersey and the wider States Assembly (Jersey’s parliament). This investment supports an increase in the number of firefighters, enhancing our fire safety prevention and protection, operational policy and training functions as well as senior leadership roles.

The next few years represent a generational opportunity for the service. We’ve developed a new Organisation Development Plan, as well as an Operational Improvement Plan and are already delivering against them. Investing in our operational response and skills as well as our people, prioritising leadership, culture and wellbeing.

The nature of life in Jersey means that the States of Jersey Fire & Rescue Service is the only fire and rescue service in the island. This, and the dynamic and independent nature of our island jurisdiction means our role is broad and complex.

From fires and rescues on land and at sea, road traffic collisions, rescues from height and incidents with hazardous substances, the scope of our firefighters’ work is very wide for a team of its size, and the impact of their work is felt on a daily basis. As well as emergency response and resilience, our work covers island-wide regulation of fire safety protection, petroleum and explosives, as well as the full range of prevention activity.

We are a small, national service. Jersey is self-governing and there is no equivalent of the UK’s Home Office Public Safety Group and so our senior team are able to make change through direct, professional advice to the Minister for Justice and Home Affairs. This includes advising on and developing policy and legislation and is enabled by good working relationships with ministers and officials in partner government departments.

And we still haven’t mentioned Island life. Not only will your professional exposure be significant, as will your opportunity to live an active outdoor life...all on your doorstop with no commute.

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