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Life is extraordinary in both good and bad ways and sometimes those paths cross. Working in the prison service, as well as assisting with smooth daily operations, you will be in the privileged position to influence and be part of people’s key life events. 

The journey to reintegration and ensuring that reoffending rates are kept to a minimum is the key priority for the service, and our prison officers are the central facilitator of this journey. 

In addition to the functional facilitation of the security of the prison, you will be part of extraordinary events every day which form part of people’s lives. As a prison officer, you will work with many partners and stakeholders from social to healthcare workers, the UK prison service, children services, health professionals and the courts.

We are currently preparing for our next engagement of potential new team members and expect to start within the next few months.

If you would like to find out more about joining us, then please email us at so we can arrange a discussion.