Jersey Children's Social Care

Jersey Children's Social Care

Jersey Childrens' Social Care

Jersey Children’s Social Care supports and safeguards the welfare of Jersey children and young people.

Most children and young people’s needs can be met by universal services such as schools, youth services and GPs. Some children and young people may require additional or more specialist support to promote their development and wellbeing and to ensure their safety. In Jersey, we are guided by our ‘Continuum of Need’, which ensures that the right level of service is provided at the right time.

Our practice model of ‘Jersey’s Children First’ is based on building strong relationships between social workers and families, to understand the challenges and pressures families face and to work together to make positive changes for children and young people. 

We have a strong partnership ethos and work closely with our multi-agency colleagues to ensure timely, coordinated and effective intervention and planning for children, whether this is for our children in need, children in need of protection, or children in our care.

Our services are delivered by skilled practitioners, including social workers, family workers, Personal Advisors and Residential Workers. We are a diverse workforce with practitioners at all stages of their professional career and we take pride in developing colleagues within the service.