Justice and Home Affairs




The Justice and Home Affairs department’s first duty is to keep islanders safe and Jersey secure. Our vision is for Jersey to be a desirable place to live, work and visit, because people are and feel safe.

Our services include Ambulance, Fire and Rescue, Police, Prison, Customs and Immigration and the Health and Safety Inspectorate. As a member of one of our services you will see the impact that your work has on islander’s lives on a daily basis. 

While the different Justice and Home Affairs services have specialisms and specific functions, we all work collaboratively to reach the same goals. From a prevention and early intervention focus on crime, to rehabilitation that secures long term behaviour change, the scope of our work is broad, and we are able to answer the strategic questions that provide long term improvement.

Integrated and supported emergency response services mean that as a team we are equipped to deal with major on-island incidents, national security matters and ensure our borders are equipped to deal with illegal entry and trade. Without the complexities of geographical challenges, our services can focus on truly improving their response to islanders. 

Come and join us and make a difference.