Strategic Policy, Planning and Performance


Strategic Policy, Planning and Performance


Our policy team are at the heart of change in Jersey and tackle the most difficult issues our Island faces. 

Working at the heart of government, the team operates in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment and are exposed to high-profile and confidential issues that have the capacity to impact every Islander, every day.   

Working directly with Ministers and the States Assembly, our policy team offer advice on all aspects of the Island’s future.  From developing evidence-based advice, to briefing Ministers, through to engaging communities to drive change, the team answer the big questions. 

With policy subject matters that include: Children and education, Climate Change, Community, Criminal Justice, Economy, Environment, Health, Housing, Social Security and Employment and Population - if you are passionate about your field of study and enjoy research and writing we will have an area of focus to suit you.   

With a well-established Policy Apprentice route which give access to the exclusive civil service King’s College London Post Graduate Certificate or Diploma in Professional Policymaking Skills, we would love to hear from people at all stages of their career.   

Hear from Dr Louisie Magris on her journey from a STEM environmentally focussed background to a Director in Policy: